Our strengths

Our strengths

Nuquest events’ Vision and mission

Nuquest Events is dedicated to making exclusive and unique nautical activities accessible to private and corporate consumers. Our emphasis is on delivering a total experience by involving every participant in the activity at their own pace and within their personal limits.

Those who discover a new passion will open up new horizons for themselves.

Many people tell us that our activities reflect their dreams; make your dreams come true with Nuquest Events.

Importantly, Nuquest Events offers an organisation for seminar/hotel, catering, hotel, transport and/or additional activities like an introduction to golf or helicopter flying, plus a host of other onshore activities, all designed for a hands-on experience.

Nuquest Events operational

  • Nuquest Events provides a wide array of activities, all organised by its own partners, with our own state-of-the-art sailing yachts or motor yachts with highly trained skippers.
  • Nuquest Events is synonymous with perfect nautical incentive and recreational projects along the coasts of Belgium, northern French and Zeeland.
  • Nuquest Events strives for high level of professionalism, and we work exclusively with certificated skippers and approved vessels.
  • At Nuquest Events we stand out from other players in this sector because of our approach, and we guarantee maximum safety for our customers, no matter whether we have 6 passengers or a team of more than 200 people.
  • Nuquest Events offers nautical formats that provide an experience that you or your team will long remember and that add value to educational recreation.
  • To assure all of this, Nuquest Events will soon offer a quality label that seals our commitment to our customers.


Nuquest Events strengths

  • Professional skippers who hold the certificates required by the authorities. 
  • The newest and largest yachts on the Belgian coast, approved for commercial rent.
  • All attention devoted to your comfort and safety throughout the project. 
  • Your event will be organised from A to Z (including seminar, catering and so on), with special attention to detail.
  • Transparent prices, without any unwelcome surprises on the bill. 
  • A highly motivated team of partners who can converse with your guests in Dutch, French or English
  • A fantastic nautical base in the middle of Europe’s second largest marina, with 500 parking spaces, a restaurant, showers and conference rooms. 
  • Departure or arrival along the entire coast of Belgium, Zeeland and northern French.


Nuquest is the leading player in the nautical events market. Our motto is: Nuquest, where stories begin.

Happy customers often ask the same approach and high-quality handling of other private or corporate events.

We can also meet these demands through our network of selected partners, so feel free to ask us what we can do for you.

A few examples:

  • Koddaert Inauguration Event

Opening weekend of Koddaert tennis court with a visit by his highness Prince Laurent of Belgium, festive inauguration with 600 guests in Torhout.

  • A&E Security Client Event

Various workshops & seminars, panel discussion on the hot topics in the security sector with a professional moderator, standing buffet with networking corners for 120 key clients and high potentials in Bruges.

  • Sodexo Management Coaching & Team Building

Belgian management team in a strategic meeting & management coaching seminar, supplemented with a culinary top event and an active team building assignment.