Sailing Challenge

Steering a sailing ship is not work for one person. It requires teamwork to achieve your goal.

Before boarding participants will receive a briefing about sailing in general, including various terms, tasks and so on. Once at sea, your guests will learn basic sailing manoeuvres, with the goal of getting the team to steer independently a sailing yacht till 64 feet long. Your guests will hoist sails, tack, use GPS and take the helm, making allowance for the current, waves and sandbanks. The teams on the yachts will be deployed to perform all-on board tasks (helm, sails and navigation). The participants will work together and coordinate to sail the boat to the destination. Tasks will be rotated regularly to make sure that everybody learns everything. In the afternoon (if the session is a whole day), a regatta can be sailed.

Our sailing yachts are at least 40 feet long (12.5 metres), including some as long as 64 feet (20 metres), and can carry 8 to sometimes 14 persons. Yachts of this kind will give your event a lot of extra prestige, because they are far larger than 'ordinary' yachts (usually only 8 or 9 metres long).

In contrast with smaller types, our yachts are completely seaworthy and satisfy the most stringent requirements. They will give your people an enlightening experience in an extremely safe way under all weather conditions.

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