Yacht coaching - practical sail & boating training

Buying a boat is easy ...

You go for a dream that you want to share and to enjoy for years. However, experience on your ship through the water is not a package that you can order as an option on your boat.

Building up “boat experience” requires a lot of time, which most new boat owners have insufficient. A day on board is therefore often an "adventure" for the owner and invitees, the outcome of which was not always properly estimated.

Nuquest events offers Yacht Coaching, complementary to theoretical or practical training. It starts where the training was completed for most cabin sailors. It teaches you how to convert knowledge into experience, gives you confidence in what you want so badly and makes you aware of all the things that you need to pay attention to on the water.

In three coaching modules, Nuquest Events Yacht Coaching provides the guideline to give practical knowledge on board and through water.

This is possible on your ship in your known sailing area and this is possible on a Sailing yacht from our fleet, on the Westerschelde and on the Belgian-Dutch coast.
Discover the pleasure of more knowledge and experience on the water that offer you a better guarantee to the commitment that you take as a skipper for your passengers.

Nuquest Events offers "tailor-made"YACHT COACHING, far away from the current budget group sessions for 8 to 10 people, where valuable time is lost on repeating the same thing.

The Coaching is given by professional yacht skippers, in possession of the certification imposed by the government and this all in Dutch, French, English or German language!

They use the newest and largest sailing yachts on the Belgian Coast, registered and approved for commercial shipping, including a First 40, a Hanse 45, a Dufour 50 but also a Beneteau Océanis 60 and 64 feet!

Nuquest Events Yacht Coaching - modules

The Yacht Coaching is offered in three practical modules:

Competent Crew

1 day

Day Skipper

1 tot 2 days

Coastal Skipper

1 tot 2 days

All Nuquest events yachts are completely SEAWORTHY and satisfy the most stringent requirements for commercial charter.


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