Blokarting and more beach or land activities

A unique land sailing variant for those who love excitement and sports. These 3-wheeled vehicles are easy to sail, so anyone can operate them.
From children to grandparents, from people with a disability to speed demons.

Go Cart Trophy
At the starting point, each team is provided with a map indicating the checkpoints where a practical test will be taken. In addition, the teams are also provided with a list of questions. Team members have to answer some questions about the surroundings as well as solve a number of brainteasers.

Golf Clinic
You’ll learn the basics of golf during a 2-hour golf initiation, in which your guests can hit and putt plenty of balls under the supervision of our professional instructors.
At the end of the initiation, we hit the green and the pros give a demonstration.

XL Beach Fun
Enjoy your XL beach experience with a great deal of fun!
Collect as many as possible XL shells by participating in a number of GIANT beach in a nice and competitive beach environment.

Powerkite workshop
Power kiting is the latest beach sport craze and the first step to kite surfing! Excitement is guaranteed and the activity is accessible to everyone!

Oldtimerrally / Exclusive Sports Car Tour
Discover the flat countryside at the steering wheel of one of our exclusive oldtimers. We create a tailor made event for you.

GPS City Game
Each team uses a fully interactive and digital map of the city in their tour around the city centre. Thanks to the use of tablet computers that communicates with each other through satellite connections, all movements of each team are displayed on the team’s own device. Along your route, there are a number of multiple choice, multimedia and practical tests to perform as a team.
We guarantee you a good shot of adrenaline!

Electric Kart Rally
An environment-friendly rally by the sea! You explore a seaside resort of your choice with 4 persons by electric golf cart.
These are covered and can therefore be deployed in all weather conditions throughout the year.
A detailed roadbook will take you to the 12 most beautiful spots in the city, where you discover unusual visual combinations.

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