Sailing on clippers in Zeeland

You can use the time it would take you to go from Brussels or Antwerp to the Belgian coast to visit a very different environment, namely the Zeeland inland waters with their typical flat-bottomed clippers. Under the supervision of the skipper, your guests will actively participate as much as possible so that they can experience an interesting initiation centred on doing things yourself.

Upon embarkation, the participants are briefed on sailing in general, different nautical terms, the division of tasks,… after which the fleet collectively puts out to sea. The professional skipper, who is always on board, provides the necessary oral instructions and motivates the participants to hoist the sails, tack and take the helm, taking into account the current, waves, sandbanks, ...

Of course, if the participants prefer not to help and only wish to enjoy a sailing trip on an exclusive clipper, the crew will take care of everything and make sure this is possible! We will sail on the Oosterschelde which is a nature reserve and will pass Neeltje Jans. There’s nothing like cleaving the waves with a team and an authentic clipper of up to 100 tonnes, with 350m² of sails, 3 masts and sometimes over 50m in length. A great experience! If several ships are sailing at the same time, we can organise an exciting race. One option is to anchor the ships next to each other and have a BBQ, which is always a festive way to conclude the trip.

This program starts as from 120€ pp ex. VAT for a whole day including lunch !

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